The mission of the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence at Discovery Institute is to explore the benefits as well as the challenges raised by artificial intelligence (AI) in light of the enduring truth of human exceptionalism. People know at a fundamental level that they are not machines. But faulty thinking can cause people to assent to views that in their heart of hearts they know to be untrue. The Bradley Center seeks to help individuals—and our society at large—to realize that we are not machines while at the same time helping to put machines (especially computers and AI) in proper perspective. Learn More

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Walter Bradley is my hero because the impact of his life will be celebrated in perpetuity. I want a heritage like that. But ironically such a goal cannot be achieved by making it a goal. ⋮ Read More …

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Do We Actually Remember Everything?

In “Accelerating Neuroplasticity,” our second podcast with biomedical engineer Yuri Danilov, he and Walter Bradley Center director Robert J. Marks discuss how natural brain healing can be accelerated using stimulation.

Was famous old evidence against free will just debunked?

Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash In recent decades, debates about free will have always included discussion of Benjamin Libet’s "no free will but maybe free won’t" position, an (at best) minimized version of free will. But recent research suggests that the original experiment had a fatal error.

Facebook Gets Rich Off What We Tell Our Friends

David Gelernter Doc Searles Wikimedia Commons Yale University computer science prof David Gelernter, “a leading figure in the third generation of artificial intelligence” ( social networks pioneer, and Unabomber survivor, discusses his idea in a podcast at The Federalist Radio

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Accelerating Neuroplasticity

The brain's lateral ability to heal itself can be accelerated by external stimulation. Today Robert J. Marks discusses brain stimulation with Yuri Danilov. Show Notes 00:47 | Introducing Yuri Danilov, Senior Scientist, Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of

Neuroplasticity: How Your Brain Never Stops Changing

Your brain is always changing, from death till the moment you die.  Neuroscience calls this change in your brain neuroplasticity. Today Robert J. Marks discusses the brain's ability to adapt and change throughout our lives with Yuri Danilov. Show Notes 01:00 | Introducing Yuri Danilov,

Bingecast: Bursting 2018's Top Ten Hyped Stories

In a blast from the not too distant past, we revisit Robert J. Marks' review of 2018's top ten exaggerations, hyperbole, and failures in artificial intelligence. Marks bursts a lot of bubbles. They serve as object lessons to see through the smoke and mirrors that continue to obscure the actual

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