The mission of the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence at Discovery Institute is to explore the benefits as well as the challenges raised by artificial intelligence (AI) in light of the enduring truth of human exceptionalism. People know at a fundamental level that they are not machines. But faulty thinking can cause people to assent to views that in their heart of hearts they know to be untrue. The Bradley Center seeks to help individuals—and our society at large—to realize that we are not machines while at the same time helping to put machines (especially computers and AI) in proper perspective. Learn More

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Walter Bradley is my hero because the impact of his life will be celebrated in perpetuity. I want a heritage like that. But ironically such a goal cannot be achieved by making it a goal. ⋮ Read More …

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Can Big Data Game Bestseller Lists?

Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to Barack Obama (2009–17), recently published a book, Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward. Such a book might be expected at this point in her career but it attracted attention for an unconventional reason: According to

A Mind Matters Review: Sci-Fi Shorts for the Weekend

Looking for a good Robots, AI, and Sci-Fi fix to get you through slower times this weekend? Mind Matters has you covered. This week, check out a sci-fi short reminiscent of Wall-E and learn why letting an AI raise your child might not be the best solution to parenting. Planet Unknown

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Hal Philipp: Inventor of the Modern Touch Screen

Show Notes "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door."  Today, this is far from true. Small entrepreneurs fall in the shadows of large corporate giants like Google, Microsoft and Amazon. So what does it take to bring a clever idea to market?  We talk to

John Lennox on AI: What is Trans-Humanism?

Show Notes 00:46 | Introduction; Dr. John Lennox01:47 | Trans-humanism03:00 | Kurzweil and Human Enhancement 06:24 | Chips and Biometrics07:35 | Trans-humanism and Gnosticism09:25 | Nothing New Under The Sun11:15 | More Than Exceptional13:50 | Forthcoming Book14:30 | Economy and Personal

Bingecast: The Successes and Limitations of A.I.

What is an algorithm and could a computer ever perform a non-algorithmic task? Computers are getting faster, algorithms are getting more complex, and our computing power is growing. With all these advancements, are there limitations that computers can never overcome? Show Notes 01:00 |

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