The mission of the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence at Discovery Institute is to explore the benefits as well as the challenges raised by artificial intelligence (AI) in light of the enduring truth of human exceptionalism. People know at a fundamental level that they are not machines. But faulty thinking can cause people to assent to views that in their heart of hearts they know to be untrue. The Bradley Center seeks to help individuals—and our society at large—to realize that we are not machines while at the same time helping to put machines (especially computers and AI) in proper perspective. Learn More

Walter Bradley

About Walter Bradley

Walter Bradley is my hero because the impact of his life will be celebrated in perpetuity. I want a heritage like that. But ironically such a goal cannot be achieved by making it a goal. ⋮ Read More …

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SXSW 2019: Grappling with AI’s immense culture shifts

Artificial intelligence was all the buzz at the South by Southwest (SXSW) film, music, and media festival here in Austin, Texas, last week. Our culture is obsessed with asking “What exactly is artificial intelligence, what is it really capable of, and what does that mean for who I am as a human

Random Thoughts on Recent AI Headlines

When Thomas Sowell was writing his syndicated column on economics, I always looked forward to his sporadically appearing “Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene.” Reminding readers that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I offer my own “Random Thoughts on Recent AI

Tech Fail: Man Told He's Dying via Video Link

By now, the story has been around the internet three times. When 78-year-old Ernest Quintana went to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fremont in the San Francisco Bay area with difficulty breathing, his family knew that at some point his chronic lung disease would claim him. But, on the

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The topic of Natural and Artificial Intelligence can be discussed from a number of viewpoints, including philosophically, technically and theologically. Our guest today, Dr. John Lennox, can address AI from all of these points of view. We’ll explore his multi-spectral perspective today on Mind

A Heart for Uganda

How can business intelligence based data analytics help medical centers in developing countries like Uganda operate more efficiently? We continue our discussion today, on Mind Matters. Show Notes 00:40 | Introduction; Dr. Peter Kulaba01:15 | The pronunciation of Uganda02:20 | How data

Bingecast: Blockchain and Bitcoin

Robert J. Marks and Will Fullerton discuss what changes await as we enter the implementation phase of a foundational technology: blockchain. While China is making a multi-billion dollar investment, IBM is betting on countless blockchain projects. And by promising to disintermediate financial

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